In the summer of 2014, PokerStars opened the doors to its headquarters with a behind-the-scenes video tour that gave an exclusive look around the global number one poker site. The video was watched by tens of thousands of players showing a real demand from the poker community to understand exactly how we do what we do. An ethos of putting the player first has consistently driven PokerStars to provide the best, safest and most secure poker experience available anywhere, which we’ve continued by inviting our players to set the agenda for the Inside PokerStars series.

The videos have been published on the PokerStars YouTube channel and our own dedicated channel at, but can also be viewed below. Questions can be submitted for consideration by emailing

Behind the scenes at PokerStars HQ

Take a look behind the scenes at the home of PokerStars on the Isle of Man. This video was so well received that we realised that players wanted to know more about the business and the people who bring PokerStars to life on your screen. Inside PokerStars was born.

Episode 1: What kind of company is PokerStars?

James Hartigan speaks to Eric Hollreiser, Head of Corporate Communications about the history of the company, how its working ethos of putting the player first made it the worlds’ largest poker site and where the future of PokerStars lies.

Episode 2: What does PokerStars do with your money?

Donna Crellin, Head of Treasury explains how PokerStars protects your money after it’s been deposited. Spoiler alert! We keep your funds separate from operational funds and never let those streams cross.

Episode 3: How does PokerStars shuffle the deck?

Lee Jones, Head of Poker Communications explains how the random number generator creates a fair shuffle when you play online at PokerStars. As well as being a poker fanatic, Lee has a B.S. degree in Computer Science and M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering, so he knows what he’s talking about.

Episode 4: How does PokerStars protect the game?

Steve Winter, Director of Game Integrity, and Bryan Taylor, Senior Game Integrity Product Manager, explain to James Hartigan some of the measures that PokerStars put in place to protect the game at its online tables.

Inside PokerStars 5: “When I’m playing online where do the games take place?”

Have you ever wondered where PokerStars games actually take place? Watch this video to find out and to meet Gary Hill, Director of IT Operations, who’s in charge of keeping the PokerStars servers safe, secure and running 24/7.


Jeanne David, a licensed social worker with a Master’s degree in Social Work and Addiction Services, explains how PokerStars’ industry-leading Responsible Gaming department helps protect those most at risk through deposit limits, self-exclusion and KYC checks.